How To Choose A Sanitary Napkin Brand That Suits You

  • 2020-05-20
There are many brands of sanitary napkins, but this does not mean that the more expensive sanitary napkin brands are more suitable for them. Faced with the products that they use every month, most women worry that friends should be a good choice. Quanzhou sanitary products manufacturers face mainstream sanitary napkins and soft sanitary napkins, and both materials have their own advantages. Facial cleansing sanitary napkins are relatively dry and are more suitable for use in summer, but they are made of fiber and have a slightly harder material. They are not suitable for allergic skin and can easily cause skin itching and other allergic reactions. In addition, cotton towels are soft, have good absorption, and respond very well.

In addition, there are some sanitary napkins that claim to be the medical function of sanitary napkins, claiming that their sanitary napkins can sterilize, itch, etc., so are these sanitary napkins really useful? In fact, they do play a role, but they are not Medicines cannot replace the effects of medicines. They are not for women with diseases. These sanitary napkins should not dislike diseases like I did not see a doctor.

   For women with heavy menstrual flow, you can choose funnel-type sanitary napkins. If you don’t like it, you can choose ordinary sanitary napkins, which can be thickened, lengthened, or replaced regularly, so don’t be afraid of waste. Quanzhou sanitary products manufacturers suggest that women with low menstrual flow can choose daily-use or mini sanitary napkins. At the end of the menstrual cycle, you can now small pads. There is also a built-in tampon, which is used less, has strong absorption capacity and good leakage, but why use it? Because it fills the vagina, it is not conducive to vaginal breathing and can easily lead to some gynecological diseases.

   The above is the introduction of some common sanitary napkins from Quanzhou sanitary products manufacturers. Women choose sanitary napkins according to their needs. Sanitary napkins are changed frequently and try to keep them dry and clean. This is related to women's reproductive health, so we need to pay more attention to this issue.

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